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Two to Three Weeks before your moving day

Two before the scheduled moving day

Time Line for the Move

1) Finalize all dates, times, etc with the movers. Also, make sure to notify the movers of any specialty items such as pianos, etc.

2) Make a decision on who will pack which items and if the mover will pack for you, confirm this reservation with them. Confirm the estimate for the packing service and request any additional packing materials that are needed. If you need storage arrangements, confirm this with your moving company, or arrange for an outside company.

3) If you are shipping your car(s), confirm the reservations with the shipping company or with your movers if it is the same company. If applicable, confirm any moving arrangements with the building you are moving to, such as elevator availability, security deposit for the move, times when you can move in.

4) If flying to your new destination, make arrangements for your pets; either on the flight with you or some other transportation. Make sure all animal vaccinations are up to date as some states require this.

5) Back up all computer files on disc(s) and keep the disc(s) with you and the other valuables that you are moving yourself.

6) Return all library books, videos, DVDs. Also, pick up any dry-cleaning, prescriptions, clear out safety deposit boxes, etc.

7) Cancel or transfer any newspaper subscriptions, as applicable.

8) Seal all cleaning fluids and verify with the movers which ones they will move and which ones they will not. Arrange to properly dispose of any that you will not bring with you.

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