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Self Storage Guide

Self Storage and insurance

Although most people assume that self-storage providers also offer insurance for the items you are storing, this is not usually the case. Some self storage companies may offer comprehensive coverage for your items, however this service will be added into the price of your facility rental. Some self storage companies may offer very basic coverage included with your agreement, however, this is usually not enough insurance for your needs, should there be a loss. Therefore, you should research all insurance options - those offered with the agreement – and otherwise, before storing your goods.

A good starting point for insurance is to check with your home insurance carrier. Some will offer coverage for items in storage under the “contents” portion of your policy. However, make sure to verify the amount of coverage offered, as many policies will reduce the percentage of coverage for items stored away from the home. If this is the case, you may be able to purchase additional contents coverage for an additional premium. If this is not feasible, you may be able to purchase a separate policy, through you home insurance carrier, for the items in storage.

Many self storage will offer insurance for your items stored there. Some may even insist on your taking the insurance with them if you do not have another policy. Regardless if you obtain the insurance with the facility or otherwise, make sure to always keep a complete inventory of your items and update the carrier with any changes. Also, if you do provide your own coverage, the self storage facility may request proof of coverage before allowing you to rent the space.

Keep in mind that even if the security is good at the storage, you need to protect your items against loss other than theft, such as fire, storms, explosions or other natural disasters.

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