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Self Storage Guide

What is Self Storage - the basics

Due to so many people having so many possessions, paperwork and extra “stuff” in their personal and business lives, self storage is becoming the answer to the problem of where to store all of these things. Self storage may be the solution for storing a few items, or many. Maybe you need to store business paperwork or you have personal items and mementos that are cluttering your home, but you do not want to part with them. Self storage could be the solution for all of these needs. It is the answer for storage needs for a few weeks or months or a few years.

Self storage is also a convenient solution as opposed to storing your items in a more traditional storage area. Self storage allows the user to control when and how often they go to the storage unit, as opposed to dealing with a company that removes your items. Self storage also offers the convenience of a variety of sizes of the space you rent. If all you need is a closest size space that is all you rent. If you need to store more items, or an item as large as a boat, you can also rent a space that large. You have the added convenience of changing the size of your space as needed. Also, because you pack your items, you can store them in the space in a way that is most convenient for your needs. However, if requested, most self storage facilities will offer you removal and packing services for an additional charge. In addition, some self storage facilities will also sell you packing material.

In addition to the control you have over the size of the space, you also will control when you have access. Most traditional storage facilities only have limited times when you can access your belongings. With self storage you can bring additional items, or retrieve any of your belongings at your convenience, not subject to the hours of the storage facility. Finally, as the self storage units are self contained, you have the added security of knowing that the only authorized key holder is yourself, or anyone else you choose. Also, many facilities will request you provide your lock, which gives you another added measure of security. Storage facility personnel will not be able to, nor will they have a need to access your items.

Another convenience of using self storage is that the agreement generally can be terminated with little or no notice and no loss of deposit. Payment is generally done on a weekly or monthly basis, with payment and any deposit paid up front, but if the agreement is terminated you will generally be refunded for the time you did not use the facility.

Self storage is a convenient and secure answer for all of your storage needs. You have the flexibility and control over your items, and if needed, the convenience of assistance with packing and removal. The price is generally less expensive than traditional storage facilities, the amount of time needed is more flexible and termination is essentially hassle free. Self storage may be the cost effective and flexible solution for your storage needs.

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