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Self Storage Guide

Self Storage the general condition of the area/unit

What the environment in the unit and the facility will be like

Some self-storage facilities offer a large range of sizes of units, and some specialize in more limited sizes and types of units. Some units will be large enough to store a boat and some are simply a small box in order to store a few personal items. Depending on what your needs are, you will choose the proper size. In addition, the type of units offered will also vary. Some will be walk-in type of units, similar to a garage, and some will be apportioned rooms in a larger facility. Most facilities that have larger units will have them all on one floor, where smaller units, that do not have walk in access, might be housed in a building with more than one level/floor.

Regardless of the size or type of unit you choose, the facility should ensure that the unit is clean, dry and free from any bugs or vermin. A facility that has nothing to hide will have no problem if you inspect an empty nit before signing an agreement. You should also take care to look around the rest of the facility, the common area, etc. The general environment should also be clean and vermin free.

Before signing an agreement, verify if the facility will clean it before you move your items. Most facilities will agree to clean it after the last tenant moves their items out. Also, make sure to discuss the facilities pest control procedures. This should usually include regular sprayings and bait for any vermin, mice, rats, etc. For your added protection, you might want to add mothballs to your boxes, if you are storing any clothes, garments or fabric.

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