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Six to Eight Weeks before your moving day

Approximately 2 months before the scheduled moving day

Time Line for the Move

1) Confirm the scheduled move date with the moving company. Make sure the addresses are correct and reconfirm the cost estimate given to you.

2) Start collecting boxes and packing supplies. Contact the movers to order boxes and packing materials to ensure they arrive with enough time for you to pack. These boxes and materials are specifically designed for moving and will best protect your items, as well as make the packing process as simple as possible.

3) Decide which items you will take. This is also a good time to decide how the furniture in the new house will be arranged. This will assist you in making the decision as to which pieces of furniture you will take and which you will not. If you decide to buy some new pieces of furniture, now is the time to check with the movers to see if they can pick up the new pieces as part of the move in order to avoid additional delivery costs.

4) You will want to familiarize yourself with your new area and the schools, local job market, synagogues and churches as well as doctors, dentists and other medical providers.

5) Contact the schools and have any records transferred.

6) Contact your insurance agent to transfer homeowner, flood and automobile policies. Also, change the addresses on any other policies which are applicable.

7) Start sorting through papers, books, clothes, toys, etc. Decide which you will take and either donate the other items or have a garage sale.

8) Make sure to keep valuable items that will not be transported by your movers in a safe place so that they do not accidentally get packed.

9) Retain all of your moving related receipts as many of these expenses are tax deductible. Contact the IRS at their website for more information.

10) Check driver license and auto registration requirements in your new city/state

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