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How to choose your movers

It has often been stated that moving your home is one of the most stressful experiences to go through. One of the most important aspects of your move and making it as stress free as possible is choosing the right moving company. Unfortunately there are moving companies with less than stellar reputations; however there are many companies who want to serve and assist you with your move. The key is choosing the right company. One good source is recommendations from others who have used a particular company. Another good source is realtors. You should verify that they are members of an accredited moving association, as well as check references from past customers.

Because there are so many companies, there is a lot of competition among them to offer you many different services. You can request packing and unpacking services, cleaning services, purchase packing materials, storage services, or simply have them load and transport your items. You need to determine what your needs are and tailor your choice of a moving company accordingly.

You should attempt to choose your company approximately 4 – 8 weeks before your move, or longer, if possible. Remember that there are certain “off” days and slow periods for moving companies. If you can plan your move for these days, it will be less likely that you will have problems with scheduling the time of the move. Also, you may be eligible for a discount for some of these days.

Before contacting moving companies, make sure that you have the following information on hand. The dates of the move; whether you need packing services; the amount of items that you have to move; will you required auto transport or storage facilities. Moving companies generally will charge by the hour, some will charge by estimated volume or estimated weight of the items you need to move. Remember to also inform them if you have any specialty items to be moved – such as a grand piano, or valuable items.

It is a good idea to get 2 or 3 estimates. Also, verify that the moving company has adequate insurance. You do not want to use a company that will not verify their insurance with you. Make sure to verify the extent of coverage and claims protection that the company has.

Finally, get each quote in writing and make sure that you completely understand each quotation. Read all of the details and ask as many questions as needed in order to ensure you understand all the terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, the time to resolve them is BEFORE signing the quotation. If they are not resolved to your satisfaction DO NOT use this moving company. Once you have settled on a moving company, start preparing for the moving day. Also, remember to call the movers a few days before the move and confirm all times and arrangements.

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