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Packing Guide

Packing Instructions and Tips

Nobody likes to pack; however, proper packing is essential in order to make your move as smooth as possible. When items are packed correctly, they are protected during the move and also when they are unpacked at your final destination.

Some people prefer to use a packing service, which can be booked at the time of the move. If your budget does not allow for this service, following are some tips to help you pack the contents of your home. These tips include what materials to use, which items to be packed and how to pack different types of items. For example, dishes and glasses are packed differently than books and clothes.

If you choose to use a packing service, remember to book it in advance. Most moving agents will provide the manpower and materials to pack your entire home, or only some of your items, depending on which service you choose.

Whether you do the packing yourself, or have professionals do it for you, these tips will help make your move as smooth and trouble free as possible.

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