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Boxes and Packing Materials

It is vital to use the proper types of packing materials and boxes when packing your home. The proper type of box means the proper size, shape and material. There are several shapes and sizes of boxes to choose from, and all can be obtained from your movers. The most common sizes/shapes of boxes are the following.

Boxes Glossary

Dish boxes made specifically for packing dishes, glasses, china glassware, vases and glass/fragile knick knacks. The boxes are designed with thick sides and dividers to keep your breakables safe.

Wardrobes these boxes have a metal hanging bar for clothes that you want to move on the hangers.

Book boxes made for packing heavy items such as books and records.

Picture boxes these boxes are shaped to fit flat items such as paintings, mirrors and framed pictures.

Medium boxes for items that are heavy, but not as heavy as books. Items such as sheets and towels, board games and large toys.

Large boxes made for lighter and larger items such as pillows, sofa cushions, light blankets and sheets.

Packing Materials

The proper packing materials are also essential to protecting your items. Materials include packing paper such as newsprint, bubble wrap and tissue paper. Also, Styrofoam pieces. All of these materials are available from your movers in order to properly wrap and secure your items. Also, you will need a thick black magic marker for labeling the boxes.

One other tip to remember is to make a list which has the number of the box and the items that are in each box. This way when you are ready to unpack you will know what is in each box. Also, label each box as you pack it with the area of the house where it should go. For example, kitchen, master bedroom, second bathroom, etc. This way the movers can put the boxes in the proper room and the unpacking will be much faster.

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