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The last Week before your move

Approximately 3 – 5 days before the scheduled moving day

1) Ensure that all boxes are marked appropriately for packing and shipping, such as “fragile”, “load last”, etc.

2) Separate the items that you will take with you from the ones the movers will take. Items such as important documents, jewelry, etc.

3) Pack your suitcases and make sure to leave out any items you will need while traveling to your new destination.

4) Prepare a box with items you will need for your first night in the new location. Mark it appropriately, such as “first day/night” so it is easy to locate when you arrive.

5) Make sure that you have provided a contact number to the movers while you are in transit. Also, you will want to give them a back up contact number of a family member/friend, in case of an emergency.

6) Confirm method of payment with the movers.

7) Empty the refrigerator and defrost it and the freezer.

8) Empty all kitchen cupboards and pantry and throw away any items you are not taking.

9) Collect all keys, garage door openers, entrance key cards, etc to give them to the new owner or real estate agent.

10) Prepare a list with alarm codes, alarm company phone number, etc for the new owner/real estate agent.

11) Return library books, video tapes and pick up any dry-cleaning, etc that you did not already do.

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