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Office Moving Guide

Moving your Office

As expected, office moves are quite different than home moves. This is mainly due to the amount of valuable equipment that has to be moved. As always, your best bet is to use a moving company with experience in office moves. You should try to use a company that has been referred to you, or check the references of the company before making a decision. Another source for finding a company with office move experience is other companies in your building or the facilities managers in the offices you are moving from and to.

Some companies will charge an hourly rate for an office move and some will give you an estimate based on weight or volume. Also, you may be able to get a discount if you move during off peak hours. If your moving date is flexible, check with the moving company before booking the date, in order to take advantage of this. Once you choose the company, make sure to ask them how they want you to pack certain items. For example, they may want you to empty all filing cabinets and desk drawers, and some may ask you to simply lock all cabinets and drawers. Also, give the movers a layout of the new office and where the furniture, equipment, etc should go. This will help save time when you arrive at the destination.

Although the office move is similar to the home move, in that you can do your own packing, or pay the moving company to do it for you, there is one major difference. You will have more heavy equipment, furniture and boxes with an office move. Also, you will have much more paperwork in an office move and need to ensure that it is protected during the move. You will need to rent special crates and boxes from the moving company in order to successfully move your paperwork.

You will also have to transport heavy office equipment such as copy machines, computers, computer servers, etc. Again, you will want to rent special containers from the moving company in order to protect these items. In addition, if you lease any of this equipment, you might want to check with the leasing company to verify that you are allowed to move this equipment yourself. Some agreements require the leasing company to move it. Another specialist you might want to consider is one that can move your computers. You can hire them to disconnect, pack and set them up at the new location.

Finally, make sure to obtain adequate insurance. You will need to insure your items, as well as paperwork, records and computer information. Make backup data in case any of these items are damaged or destroyed in the move. Most moving companies will not insure paperwork and such, so do not rely on this, should something happen. Carefully check the policy for any exclusions and restrictions and if you need to pay extra to obtain adequate coverage, it is usually worth it to do so.

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