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Packing Guide

What NOT to Pack

In addition to knowing what items to pack and how to pack them, it is also important to be aware of what items should not be packed. These items should not be packed either because they are perishable or will not be accepted by your movers for transport.

As a general guide, perishable items, such as food, should not be packed. Also, remember to remove all food from your refrigerator and freezer and defrost the appliances before the move.

Generally, movers will not accept flammable or explosive items for transport. Examples of such items are:

lighter fluid, fertilizer, paint and paint remover or thinner, ammonia, weed killer, cleaning fluid or kerosene.

In addition, movers will not accept loaded weapons, ammunition, fireworks or car batteries. You should check with your movers if you have any questions on any items you want them to move.

Although your mover might accept the following items, generally, they will not take responsibility for loss or damage or sentimental items or items that cannot be replaced or recreated. Examples of such items are:

Address books

Photographs and videotapes

Checkbooks, financial records, stocks, deeds, mortgages

Collections such as coin, stamps or jewelry

Airline tickets

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