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Moving With Kids Guide

Tips for moving your children

Just as moving is a stressful experience for the adults, it is also a difficult time for children of all ages. Even the youngest children are affected by a move, as well as the actual moving process itself. As the children get older, more issues come into play, such as friends and schools; however, even young children are affected by a change in their surroundings.

The best way to handle moving with kids is to communicate with them at all times. Always talk positively about the move and explain the reasons for it. Even young children cope better when they understand why they are moving. Make sure to discuss any feelings they may have about it with them. Even if seems as if they are not listening, what you say and how you act about the move, does filter in.

Also, let the kids help with the moving process. Don’t just pack up their stuff, let them help you. Also, let them help unpack their items at the new destination. Discuss their new bedroom and try to get the excited about it. If they are old enough, let them help plan where their furniture will go in their new bedroom. Also, tell them they can keep in touch with their friends by telephone, mail and email as much as they want. More than likely, they will make new friends and the old friendships will fade. Make sure to pack favorite toys, blankets, etc at the last moment. These comfort items will help children cope with the actual packing and moving process.

You should also pack a bag for each child with the items they will need for moving day and the next few days. The items should include whatever their immediate needs will be in these first few days. Make sure to carry medication or any other indispensable item with you. If it is possible, and you think it will help the moving day go smoother, see if family of friends can watch the kids on moving day. If they are old enough, ask them what they want to do. However if they want to be with you, do your best to let them do so. This will make them feel more secure and not excluded during this stressful time.

The timing of your move is also important. Depending on the age of the child, there are several theories as to when the best time is to move. If you have teenagers, most prefer to move during the summer. This way they avoid being “the new kid” in the middle of the school year and can blend into the new school year activities. Younger children usually are not so embarrassed by attention of being “the new kid” and do quite well if moved mid school year. Another school of thought is that it is best to move during a holiday. This way, the children can get used to their new homes before having to attend school. If you can time it according to your children’s wishes, this also makes the move smoother. Regardless, as long as you talk to your children and keep them informed about everything, they should do fine and adjust to their new home.

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