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With communication and technology as advanced as it is today, it is very common for people to move overseas. What used to seem like a very long distance is being shortened by technological advances. In fact, many companies have offices overseas and will move employees to those sites, both short and long term. Because of this new expanding market, the international move is now a growing market for moving companies. Many are trying to compete with better prices, services and quality.

When making a move such as this, it is important to choose the moving company carefully. You will want a company with experience in this area. If a company has done many international moves in the past, they can assist you with other details such as customs, duties and taxes, which you will only encounter in an overseas move.

You will also want to do research on the country you are moving to. Things like climate, house/apartment size, customs in the country, etc will assist you in making decisions on what to bring and what to leave behind. Depending on the length of your stay, you might choose to utilize a self storage facility for some of your items. Another idea is to have a garage/moving sale, or donate some of your things. Of course, you may simply choose to bring everything with you. Your local library, the internet and other people who have lived, or are currently living in the country you are relocating to are great research tools t utilize to find out more information about your new home.

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