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Moving day - Moving Out

The day of the move – moving out

Time Line for the Move

1) Be present when the movers arrive. If you are not able to be there, make sure a friend/family member is available and let the movers know that you have authorized this person to make decision that are necessary in your absence.

2) Review all paperwork, documents, and contracts with the movers when they arrive. Go over the items to be shipped/moved with the movers as they review them.

3) Resolve any discrepancies regarding damaged items, etc and make sure that you agree with any notations made by the movers about the conditions.

4) Make sure the movers have your contact number while in transit, or the number of a family member/friend, if you will not be reachable.

5) Make sure the driver has the address to your new home and if needed, directions.

6) Do a final inspection of the home after everything has been loaded to ensure all items were taken. Also, review the mover’s inventory list and resolve any discrepancies before the van/truck leaves your home.

7) Give all keys, garage door openers, entrance key cards, etc to the new owner or real estate agent.

8) Give a list with alarm codes, alarm company phone number, etc to the new owner/real estate agent.

9) Clean the house as much as possible after the movers have finished loading the truck/van.

10) Verify that the utilities have been disconnected in your old home and connected in your new home.

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