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Moving day - Moving in

The day of the move moving in

Time Line for the Move

1) Arrive at the new destination before the movers and clean the home as much as possible/needed.

2) Review the floor plan and be prepared to tell the movers where to place the furniture, boxes, etc.

3) Stay at the new destination in order to assist with the moving in process. If you cannot be there, designate a family member or friend to do so and advise the movers that you have authorized this person to make decisions on your behalf.

4) Make sure to note any changes in the condition of your items or if any items are missing.

5) Document any of these changes or missing items on the inventory sheet BEFORE signing it. By signing the inventory sheet, you are acknowledging receipt of the items listed on same.

6) Make arrangements for someone to watch your kids and pets while the movers are unloading. If you cannot find someone to watch your pets, put them in a room so that they will be safe and out of the way.

7) Arrange for payment upon delivery according to any arrangements made with the movers. Federal regulations require payment upon delivery for interstate moves.

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