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Moving Estimates!

Most companies will come to your home, review your items and offer you a free estimate. Make sure to get an estimate for any and all services you may need, such as packing, auto transport and/or storage. Also, discuss any questions with the company before agreeing to an estimate.

What types of estimates you can get

binding estimates - A binding estimate means that you are obligated to pay the price set forth in the binding estimate even if the shipment weighs more or less than the estimated amount.
Non-binding estimates - non-binding estimate is an approximation cost based on the moving company survey of the items to be moved, The final cost determined after the shipment is weighed. when you receive non-binding estimate there is no guarantee that the final price will not be more than the estimate.

Need Movers?

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How to get Moving Estimate

Getting a moving estimate or is easy. Just enter the type of Moving quote you need, moving date, "move from" and "to" locations and your approximate move size. After that, You can get a detailed price quote  from professional Full-Service & Self-Service moving companies, Auto movers, Office moving companies, International Movers, and even Specialty moving companies, It's as easy as checking a box and clicking on "Get Quote." Once you’ve provided your basic contact information, the selected moving companies will get back to you ASAP.

Not-To-Exceed Moving Quote

Also called Guaranteed Price or Price Protection but this estimate is the same as binding estimates
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