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International Moving Guide

Driving in a foreign country

Depending on where you are relocating to, you may need to obtain a new driver license, or at least, an international driving permit. You can apply for an international permit at your local DMV or by contacting the AAA Distribution Center. Their address is 13144 South Pulaski Road, Alsip, Illinois 60658.

Once you arrive at your destination county, you may be required to apply for a driving permit. Your US driver license may be honored for your years of driving experience and you simply have to produce it and take a simple test. Other countries may not honor the US license and will require you to take a driving exam, written exam and complete medical and eye examinations.

It is best to look into all of these requirements ahead of time. Although you will usually have a grace period in which to obtain a driver license in the new country, you may get caught up in other things upon arrival, and forget to take care of this. Therefore, if you can obtain your permit ahead of time, or at least know the requirement when you arrive in the new country, it will be easier for you to obtain the required license.

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