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Four to Five Weeks before your moving day

Approximately 1 month before the scheduled moving day

Time Line for the Move

1) Make the final decision if you will pack yourself or have the moving company pack for you. If you decide on the moving company, contact them to schedule this.

2) Obtain boxes and packing materials. You can obtain the boxes and packing materials from the moving company which are specifically designed for moving and will best protect your items.

3) Go through your house and decide what you will move and what you do not want to take. Arrange to donate the unwanted items to charity or have a garage sale.

4) Contact the phone and electric companies at the old and new locations in order to make arrangements for disconnection and reconnection of utilities

5) Contact the cable companies at the old and new locations to arrange for disconnection and reconnection

6) Contact your gym to make arrangements to transfer your membership to your new location.

7) Obtain a change of address form. You can get this at your local post office or online at their website

8) Make sure to notify the following with your new address:

family and friends, banks and investment companies, insurance companies,

credit card companies, student loan companies, magazine and newspaper subscriptions

9) Begin the process to transfer your driver license and auto registration in your new city/state

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