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Sometimes moving your home also means transporting your vehicles, boats, RVs or motorcycles. If you use experts to do this, it can make the process easy. The most important element is choosing the right company that can manage a move with these items. Your best bet is to use a company who has transported vehicles, boats, etc in the past. Some of these moves require special lifting equipment, so you will want to deal with a company who has successfully used this type of equipment in the past.

Most moving companies will use a transporter to move your vehicle, as opposed to simply driving it. Keep in mind that this will not necessarily be a direct move from your point A to point B, but the transporter will make several stops and pick up other vehicles along the way. If you require a fixed delivery date, make sure to discuss this with the company. They might be able to offer you this service, for a higher price.

There are also several types of transporters open, closed, trucks and trailers or even freight containers. If you are concerned about your vehicle being exposed to the elements, discuss this with the transporting company and determine if you can request a closed transporter. Keep in mind that because the transporters are very large, they may not be able to offer door to door service. If this is the case, you will need to arrange a suitable pick up point where the vehicle can be safely unloaded.

You will also want to verify that the company has adequate insurance coverage. Discuss the amount of coverage and claims protection. Also, determine if there are any exclusions or restrictions on the policy. Most companies will check your vehicle before loading it and make a record of any existing damage. Before signing the agreement, make sure that you agree with any notations made regarding preexisting damage to your vehicle. If there is a claim, any preexisting damage will be excluded.

One you have chosen a company, empty any personal possessions from your vehicle. Ensure that your battery is fixed in place. If your vehicle will be transported by carrier, empty any extra fuel, This will assist at weight checkpoints. If you have any extra custom features on the vehicle that are removable, remove them. If not removable, make sure to secure them properly. Also, turn off or disconnect any alarm system in the vehicle.

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