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A Guide To Government Regulations

What to do When Selecting Auto Moving Company

When making a decision as to which company to use for auto moving, make sure to verify that the company is licensed and bonded. Transport companies are regulated by the US Department of Transportation (DOT).

Every company should have a DOT license number and should have no problem telling you what it is. If a company refuses to tell you, or seems hesitant to discuss this with you, think twice before choosing this company to transport your vehicles.

There are 3 basic coverage options to choose from:

Many people think that the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) is the governing agency for auto transport. However, although the ICC used to regulate many function of trucking companies, the DOT is now in charge of the majority of those functions. 

Although the ICC still maintains control over rate-making and regulatory functions, their power over rates and routes in rails and trucking have been diminished since 1980. Many of the functions that were transferred from the ICC are now controlled by the National Surface Transportation Board.

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is determined by a few factors. The origin, destination, vehicle size, and the level of service desired. there are several car shipping option

1.Open Carrier
2.Enclosed Auto Shipping
3.Expedited Transporter
4.Door-TO-Door Service
5.Terminal TO Terminal SERVICE These all play a part in your vehicle shipping cost.
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